Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 74 | Hoonah to Sawmill Bay

No flying today. After a trip to the two grocery stores in town (one of which is stocked entirely with Costco products at double the normal price) and a couple visits to the hardware store, I headed out.
Sawmill Bay. Can you find Safe Harbour?
We enjoyed Sawmill Bay so much that we returned. While Airship fished, I wandered around the “town.” It turns out that the museum I said “appeared to be permanently closed” is in fact open. No admission charge, no hours, no staff. Just walk in and wander around.
Inside the museum 
Later, in Sawmill Bay, I finally saw more bears. I haven’t seen a bear for several weeks. First was a mom and a couple cubs. They were skittish and disappeared before I could get a good look. Later, a lone black bear appeared on shore near where we anchored. That bear, too, was skittish, but I got a few pictures before it disappeared.
Heading for the trees...
Hiding in the grass
Airship rafted to Safe Harbour
Tomorrow I’ll pick Anna up in Gustavus and then head into Glacier Bay National Park. No cell service, so it’ll be several days before more updates.

23.02 nm today

1950.10 nm total

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  1. what is the red bucket on ceiling of musee?