Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 60 | Juneau to Admiralty Cove

Peter caught the first flight of the day. By the time I woke up at 6:00, he was long gone. I spent a few hours tidying up, filling the water tank, and taking care of a few chores, then headed out to Admiralty Cove.

For the first time since leaving Anacortes, I was running the boat alone! This summer has been packed with guests (lots of fun), but it was nice to have the boat to myself for a night.
Another calm day in Stephens Passage
Admiralty Cove
Sunset from Admiralty Cove
I’ll pick up a friend tomorrow in Auke Bay (basically Juneau), then we’ll head up Lynn Canal towards Skagway.

20.97 nm today

1659.53 nm total

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