Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 63 | Skagway to Taiyasanka Harbor

Time to leave Skagway. We departed with no real plan, other than to head south towards Haines. The first viable anchorage was Taiyasanka Harbor. My go-to Southeast Alaska guidebook, Exploring Southeast Alaska, ­didn’t have any info on this spot, but it looked good on the chart.
Anchored in Tayasanka Harbor. Ferebee Glacier in the background.
Aerial of Safe Harbour in Taiyasanka Harbor. The water was opaque with glacial silt.
Mountains surrounding Taiyasanka Harbor
We found good anchorage along the south shore in about 50 feet of water, mud bottom, excellent holding. For being almost unmentioned in the guidebook, Taiyasanka Harbor is a beautiful spot. Ferebee Glacier is visible to the north, jagged peaks to the south. A wreck of some type is on the south shore, easily accessible.

Ruins ashore
More ruins
Aerial of the ruins 
Tomorrow we’ll check out Haines.

12.05 nm today
1760.33 nm total

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