Sunday, July 24, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 68 | Barlow Cove to Funter Bay

Funter Bay is only about five miles from Barlow Cove, but by water the distance is more like 18 miles. I got a lazy start from Barlow Cove. The weather was overcast and breezy.

Soon after departing Barlow Cove I rounded Point Retreat. A lighthouse still operates at Point Retreat. Mountains tower behind the lighthouse. It’s quite scenic.
Point Retreat 
After rounding Point Retreat conditions got choppier. The breeze was blowing about 15 knots from the south, and I was going right into the chop. The conditions weren’t uncomfortable, but they were just rough enough to get a thin layer of salt spray on the windows.

Funter Bay is on the west side of Mansfield Peninsula on Admiralty Island. It has several anchorages and a public float. I opted to anchor in Coot Cove. The first time I dropped the anchor, in about 50 feet of water, I couldn’t get it to set. After dragging it half way across the bay I hauled it up and found a big ball of kelp. I tried again in about 70 feet of water and the anchor set immediately on 3:1 scope.
Public dock in Funter Bay
The number of houses in Funter Bay surprised me. Perhaps two-dozen lined the cove.

Apparently a cannery once operated in Funter Bay, and during World War II the cannery was utilized as an Aleut internment camp. I explored the bay by dinghy and could only find a few collapsing buildings, not the cannery itself. Kind of haunting to know this past, though...
What was this building?
Or this one?

17.86 nm today
1862.82 nm total

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