Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 30 | Thomas Bay

Not much to report today. The morning dawned overcast, with clouds hanging close to the water. It wasn't raining, though, so eight of us set out on the Cascade Creek hike
Low clouds, no precip. Hike on!
This is a great hike. The trail climbs to nearly 1400 feet over about two and a half miles, then drops down to Falls Lake. A rowboat is stashed at Falls Lake, and anyone who makes it to the lake can row across and continue hiking on the other side.

Five of our group made it to the lake. We took the rowboat out, caught a few trout, and headed back down.

Warning! The trail is primitive and muddy. Don't let the 2.5 mile length fool you: hiking this trail is exhausting.

We got rained on much of the day but still had fun. By the time we were done hiking it was almost 4:00 pm., so we made the decision to stay at Thomas Bay for another night.

Sorry, no pictures. Too wet to take the camera along while hiking.

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