Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 34 | Ford's Terror

Spoiler: We saw a bear swim. From our dinghies.
Another sunny day! When I talk with people about cruising in Southeast Alaska, the weather is always a big concern. This is a rainy place—Ketchikan gets more rain in its driest month than Seattle gets in its wettest month. So far, though, we've only had a couple rainy days.
Event Horizon at anchor.
Stormy at anchor. What a place, what a day!
Given the magnificent weather, we all piled in our dinghies for a tour of Ford's Terror. We saw the waterfalls and played in the rapids.
Dinghy tour!
This waterfall looks tiny from a distance. Up close, it's giant.
The highlight of the dinghy tour were two brown bears.

The first brown bear
Dinghies must be scary! He ran away after standing up and looking at us.
The other brown bear was even better. We watched as it shimmied down to the water, the began swimming through our group of dinghies.
"Honey, are we a little close?"
It kept swimming...
Time to go ashore...
Shaking off water...
Hmm...what's for lunch?
Yep, Ford's Terror is my favorite anchorage.

Tomorrow we'll head for Dawes Glacier, then Tracy Arm Cove for the night.

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  1. WOW! . . . . . WOW! Let it all flow over you and take in as much as you can. 2 days you will ALWAYS remember, WOW! I am so living thru your posts! Thank you, Nancy Rink