Friday, June 24, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 36 | Tracy Arm Cove to Taku Harbor

As much as I wanted to show everyone Tracy Arm, I chickened out. Realistically, we wouldn't make it far enough in to see North Sawyer Glacier or South Sawyer Glacier. The ice was just too thick. We've had a great trip so far—no show-stopping mechanical problems—and I just didn't feel like pushing my luck by venturing into thick ice.

We had a lazy morning in Tracy Arm Cove. The sun was shining and everyone came over to Safe Harbour for a waffle breakfast. Lots of fun.

Around 11:00 a.m., we headed to Taku Harbor, about halfway between Tracy Arm Cove and Juneau. Taku has a good public dock that we could all tie up to. After seven consecutive nights at anchor, it's nice to have easy access to shore.
Calm water in Stevens Passage

Snowcapped mountains on Admiralty Island
We spotted several whales along the way, including this one. It surfaced 150 yards in front of the boat and was traveling on a course perpendicular to and away from my boat. I quickly pulled the throttle to neutral and it turned around and headed right for us.
Check out the blowhole!
Then it dove under the boat
When we arrived at Taku there were already five boats on the dock, but there was enough room for all of us.
Looking out the entrance to Taku Harbor
Busy dock at Taku Harbor

Some of us explored on shore—the old cannery and the rope swing—and then hung out on the dock. A little later we did a potluck dinner on the dock, which was excellent other than the massive number of no-see-ums and black flies.

Tomorrow we're heading for Juneau and the end of this part of the trip.

24.51 nm today
1118.09 nm total

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