Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Days 19-23 | Ketchikan

After three weeks of traveling, I needed a few days to catch up. Laundry, grocery shopping, sending Kevin home and picking Anna up. Real life, basically.
Every few years, Ketchikan sees some blue sky
Ketchikan weather seems remarkably consistent. Soon after I arrive and fill the fuel tanks, wind and rain move in. They dominate the following several days. This year was no exception, but the wind was way stronger than normal.
Highliner Laundry. Drying guidelines for geriatric diapers are an indication that it's time for a boat with laundry facilities aboard.
We'd rushed across Dixon Entrance a bit earlier than expected because the forecast called for windy conditions on Thursday and Friday. Thursday was blustery but not bad. Friday was really windy—gusting over 40 knots in the harbor. Whitecaps in the marina. A cruise ship—with 38 megawatts of vector-able thrust!—took out the dock.
Celebrity Infinity southbound in Tongass Narrows. This was just a few minutes before it slammed the dock. 

One of the damages dolphins at berth 3.
No damage aboard Safe Harbour, thankfully. Friday was a good day to hang out at the dock and catch up on chores.

Next stop: Meyers Chuck.

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