Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 46 | Ford's Terror to Taku Harbor

Time to leave Ford's Terror. High water slack in Juneau was at 7:53 a.m., and we exited the rapids about 15 minutes after that. The current was running a couple knots against us.

We left Ford's Terror at the right time. Two boats, including one small cruise ship, entered right after we exited.
Calm water in Endicott Arm
Mysteriously, my generator stopped working. The engine ran fine, but it wouldn't produce voltage. Once clear of the rapids, I dug into the problem. I tightened every electrical connection I could find, and the generator came back to life. It's frustrating not knowing the specific cause, but hopefully the generator will keep working!
Airship heading out of Endicott Arm. Sumdum Glacier above
The trip up to Taku was uneventful. Calm water, no rain, even occasional sunshine. Commercial fishing has begun, though, so we did have to dodge a few gillnets.
Can you find the gillnet?
At Taku we wandered around the old cannery, swung on the ropeswing, and relaxed on the dock. We had happy hour on the dock with Kevin and Laura, then the bugs chased us all onto Safe Harbour for dinner.

Tomorrow we're back to Juneau.

46.71 nm today
1285.32 nm total

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