Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 43 | Juneau to Tracy Arm Cove

My dad, stepmom, and their two kids arrived late last night. We spent the morning grocery shopping for the next four days, then got underway around 10:30. After sitting in Juneau for five days, it was great to be underway again.
Southbound in Stephens Passage
Of course, as soon as guests arrive the sun disappears. Today was among the worst days of weather so far this summer: pouring rain and 20 knots of wind. We had a wet, bumpy ride down to Tracy Arm Cove.
How long will the rain last?
After dinner, I spotted a brown bear ashore. Despite the rain, we piled in the dinghy and headed towards shore. This bear was much more skittish than the bears I'd seen here last time. As we got closer, the bear stood up on its back legs, stared at us, and ran into the woods. Sorry, no pictures, way too rainy.

Our itinerary for this trip is Juneau to Tracy Arm Cove, Tracy Arm Cove to Ford's Terror (with a visit to Dawes Glacier), a full day in Ford's Terror, then Taku Harbor, then Juneau.

43.4 nm today
1181.91 nm total

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