Thursday, June 30, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 37 | Taku Harbor to Juneau

We made the short run from Taku Harbor to Juneau. Calm water, gray skies...kinda boring, actually. Soon after leaving Taku Harbor my phone buzzed to life: about 300 emails, a thousand Facebook messages, a bunch of voicemails and text messages. Hmm....not sure about being reconnected.

Our arrival in Juneau marked the end of the flotilla to Alaska. From here boats are scattering. A couple are heading right home, and a couple more are spending time exploring Alaska. Having traveled together for the past five weeks and more than 1100 nautical miles, it will be a little weird traveling alone.

Leading this group (and previous groups, for that matter) has been tremendously rewarding, particularly for the past two weeks. Somehow—despite the typical rainy Alaskan weather—we've enjoyed unusually warm and sunny weather. We've watched bears and whales, seals and sea lions. We've seen glaciers calve, navigated our boats through ice floes, and anchored in some of the most beautiful places imaginable. As problems arose, we worked together to solve them, cobbling together the parts and skills needed. When we started the trip, most of the participants were anchoring novices. When we pulled into Juneau, several (jokingly) complained that tying up to a dock is too much work!

If you're interested in participating in a flotilla to Alaska next summer, shoot me an email.

Time for some rest and a bit of maintenance. I'll be in Juneau for the next several days waiting for guests to arrive.

20.42 nm today
1138.51 nm total

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