Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 102-Sylvan Cove to Twin Bridges Marina

After a fairly early breakfast, Dad and I shut everything down at the cabin and headed towards Anacortes.  It had been windy during the night, and Rosario Strait was pretty lumpy.  Actually the roughest water I’d seen in awhile, and some of the roughest since leaving Ketchikan.  Not that it was that rough, just that the trip down from Ketchikan has been incredibly smooth.

I dropped dad off at Skyline Marina (his car was parked there) and headed around to Twin Bridges to have the boat pulled out of the water.  I was actually surprised at how little growth there was on the hull.  Lots of barnacles along the keel and metal parts on the transom, but nowhere else really.  There was some green grassy stuff growing, but most of it came off pretty easily.  I’ll need to figure out a way to remove the rings the barnacles left and the little bit of grass that didn’t come off, but I’ll return to that in the next few weeks.

After removing what seemed like endless supplies from the boat and filling the car to capacity, we headed back to Seattle.  70 miles per hour sure does seem fast!

19.6 nm today and 3,220.2 total

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