Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 97-Roscoe Bay to Lund

After a relaxed morning hanging out in the sun and chatting more with Brian, Ann, and Dylan, I left Roscoe Bay mid morning bound for Lund.  I had stopped at Lund several years back and enjoyed the place.  The bakery there was great, there were places to walk around, and the docks had a nice mix of commercial boats, cruising boats, and local commuting boats.

There isn’t much to report from the trip down to Lund, other than the crowds.  It seemed like everyone in Desolation Sound was out and about, and there were a lot of boats.  I expected the crowds to be thinner after Labor Day, but I guess people are still out enjoying the perfect cruising weather.
Leaving Desolation Sound behind
My first stop in Lund was the fuel dock.  I’ve found their fuel is generally the cheapest in the area (cheaper than Nanaimo or Powell River even), so I filled up with enough to get back to Anacortes.  I then headed over to the marina and squeezed into my assigned space.  The wind was blowing about 20 knots right on the beam, but thankfully I’ve improved my docking skills immensely in the last three months and had no problem getting into the spot with just a few feet in front and behind the boat.  Joe, the guy running the marina today, was there to grab lines and welcome me to Lund.

Right after I got in a neighbor came by and asked where I was from.  I said Seattle, and they looked at the boat and asked if I’d come all that way on this little boat.  I told them about the trip and they were pretty impressed.

A few hours after I arrived Ron and Sue on a miniature tugboat named Popeye pulled in next to me.  Popeye is just about the cutest little cruising boat I’ve ever seen.  It’s a 24-foot Alaskan Trader Tug, kind of like a Ranger Tug but older and with much more character.  It was fun talking to other little boat cruisers and we had many shared experiences.  I ended up getting dinner with them.
Sue and Ron with Popeye
The wind had been blowing pretty briskly from the northwest, and it made for a rough ride in the marina.  I was docked beam to the waves that were working their way past the breakwater, and I hoped that it would calm down before it was time to go to sleep.  It didn’t.  I still got a decent night of sleep, but I don’t know that I’d stay in Lund again when it’s blowing from the NW.

13.8 nm today and 3,066.0 total

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