Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 89-Turnbull Cove to Stopford Bay

Well, the rain didn’t let up and it was still pouring when I woke up.  I waited around for a few hours and it was still raning, so I headed out for Sullivan Bay for a few supplies and then to find an anchorage for the night.
Leaving Turnbull Cove
Sullivan Bay was pretty empty and apparently has been that way for the whole summer.  Of all the places in the Broughtons, Sullivan Bay is probably the highest end.  One of the float homes in the bay had a $250,000 fishing “skiff” at the dock and a helicopter on the roof!

Anyway, I chatted a bit with the owners and crew of Bella Rosa, an ~80 foot expedition style boat from Mercer Island.  The captain and chef had grown up on Mercer Island (like me, but way before me) so we had plenty to talk about.  The chef felt badly that I didn’t have an oven aboard, and gave me bags of fresh cookies and desert bars.  They’re delicious; thanks!

After Sullivan Bay I headed for Stopford Bay in Cypress Harbour.  Although Cypress Harbour has been scarred by logging and has a huge fish farm in it, Stopford Bay is nicely removed from all that.  A BC Forest Service campground is nestled in the woods and the setting is quite tranquil.  Relatively shallow water keeps many of the boats out, I think, and nobody else enjoyed the anchorage with me.  The weather, though still gray, wasn’t rainy, so I took some time to paddle around the cove and walk around the campsites.  They’d be nice if you were kayaking.
Pretty anchorage in Cypress Harbour
14.6 nm today and 2,896.4 total

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