Thursday, September 13, 2012

Day 86-Pruth Bay to Joe's Bay

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Surprisingly the sun was shining when I woke up this morning!  I hung out for a bit, made breakfast, and then headed out towards Joe’s Bay in Fish Egg Inlet.

Fitz Hugh Sound was as calm as could be.  Not a breath of wind or a hint of ripples the whole way across.  Today would probably be a good time to head around Cape Caution…  I spotted several humpbacks in the distance and a ton of small fishing boats.  Guided sport fishing is big business up here, I guess.
Look at all the boats!
As I approached Joe’s Bay a humpback surfaced a few hundred feet in front of the boat.  I stopped for 10 minutes or so, but didn’t see it again.  So I continued into Joe’s Bay and dropped the hook.

Joe’s Bay is a nice spot.  The guidebook said they’ve seen six boats in at a time, but I was the only one today.  I can’t imagine how six boats would all fit unless they stern tied, which is a real pain, especially when traveling alone.  A narrow, shallow passage, sometimes a waterfall depending on the tide, leads to a tidal lagoon at the head of the bay.  The falls create a bunch of foam, which looks rather similar to the bergy bits near glaciers in Alaska.  Thankfully foam is more forgiving!

I enjoyed the sunny weather and lack of bugs to sit outside and explore by kayak.  Fish Egg Inlet would be a nice place to spend a few days and try out different anchorages, or if you had a fast dinghy you could spend a day just cruising around the coves.

15.0 nm today and 2,805.4 total

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