Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 95-Octopus Islands to Von Donop Inlet

Another reversing tidal rapid today (Surge Narrows)!  For some these present a real obstacle, but there’s no reason they should.  Times of slack water are easy to come by, and even the slowest boats can transit them at slack. 

The trip through was uneventful, and then I headed for Whiterock Passage, a narrow, dredged channel between Maurelle and Read Island.  The Canadian Government has excellent range markers to guide boaters through, and the Navionics charts on both my iPad and Raymarine chartplotter were perfectly accurate.  I’ve been impressed with them throughout the trip.

The rest of the trip to Von Donop Inlet was easy and smooth.  While the entrance to Von Donop is narrow, it’s plenty deep regardless of the tide and currents didn’t seem very strong.  Plenty of sailboats get through that draw way more than most powerboats.

Von Donop Inlet is incredibly protected and offers lots of anchorages.  I went up all the way to the head since it afforded better access to the hiking trail to Squirrel Cove.  After anchoring, I hopped in the kayak, went to shore, and set off on the 5km trail to Squirrel Cove.

The first half of the trail is generally up hill through dense forest, then you get to a road and walk a couple kilometers down.  It was nice to stretch the legs, and get ice cream at the store at Squirrel Cove.  Total walking time each way was a bit less than an hour.
Trail through the woods
When I got back to Von Donop Inlet I ran into a couple kayaking from a nearby boat that I had met at Lagoon Cove.  They own a Diesel Duck, which is a very interesting powerboat.  I got a tour at Lagoon Cove, and it’s best described as a small ship.  Built of steel, it’s a powerboat with sailing sensibilities, set up for long-range ocean work.  They last filled the fuel tanks in Anacortes, cruised to Glacier Bay and won’t need fuel again until they return to Anacortes.  Nice!

18.4 nm today and 3,029.7 total

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