Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 98-Lund to Ballet Bay

The wind calmed down sometime in the middle of the night and when I woke up it was glassy calm outside.  I took a shower and made my way over to the bakery to grab breakfast.

Breakfast was excellent, if a bit expensive.  While waiting for my food a couple next to me asked me some questions about where I’d been, etc. and they were intrigued with taking a little boat to Alaska.  They’d been kayakers for a long time and just bought a 26-foot powerboat.  They live over in Comox and get to head over to Desolation Sound regularly.  I showed them a bunch of pictures from my trip and encouraged them to head further north.

After breakfast I headed back to the boat, cleaned things up a bit, and set off for somewhere south.  I didn’t really have a destination in mind but figured I’d see where I was when I started to get tired and go from there.

I ended up making it down to Ballet Bay, at the northern entrance to Jervis Inlet.  One other sailboat entered right before me and nestled itself in close to shore, while I dropped the hook a bit further out.  Plenty of space.

Today was another gorgeous day of weather.  Light winds, sunny skies, and warm temperatures.  I think everyone from Desolation Sound was taking advantage of it and heading south, since the last few days had been pretty windy.  It was crowded on the water, and most of the boats seemed to be moving at top speed!
Malaspina Strait on a lovely day
Ballet Bay itself is a fine anchorage.  Nothing spectacular about it, but it’s strategically located and perfectly adequate.  There are lots of homes along the nearby shores, but there was little traffic.

29.0 nm today and 3095.0 total

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