Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 88-Jennis Bay to Turnbull Cove

With just a few miles to go today I was in no rush to head out.  Since slack water was in the mid morning, I bummed around Jennis Bay for a few hours after waking up and before leaving.  There are lots of roads to walk along, but unfortunately it was raining pretty heavily so I didn’t have much desire to go far.

The rain continued throughout the day, and low clouds obscured the higher peaks from view.

Turnbull Cove is gorgeous, from what I can see.  It also has easy anchoring depths and space for tons of boats.  There were three other boats at anchor when I arrived.  One of them left soon after, but then another came in later on.  Still, there was lots of space for everyone.
The sun tried to peek out
Big landslide...wouldn't want to be under that!

I had hoped to kayak in to shore and walk up the lake.  Kim at Jennis Bay had recommended the walk and it sounded nice.  Unfortunately, the rain kept on falling and I was lazy, so I ended up spending the day reading and watching a movie in the boat, hoping that the weather tomorrow will be better.  We’ll see…

10.9 nm today and 2,881.8 total

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