Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 93-Lagoon Cove to Shoal Bay

Lagoon Cove was a wonderful stop and I thoroughly enjoyed my time in the Broughtons, but the weather forecast fro Johnstone Strait looked perfect for today and lousy for the next several, so I somewhat reluctantly headed out today.  Leaving as the ebb turned to a flood I was able to get a nice boost from the current almost all the way to Shoal Bay.

The weather couldn’t have been better.  No wind, sunny, and warm.  I ended up cruising through Johnstone Strait longer than I had expected because it was so nice.  This way I avoided running through Greene Point and Whirlpool Rapids.  Quite a few other pleasure boats were out today, all taking advantage of the weather I’m sure.
No wind today on Johnston Strait 
This is as rough as it got!
I arrived at Shoal Bay around 4:00 and was shocked to see the docks full!  And boats rafted off each other!  Spending the summer further north really does recalibrate ones sense of crowds.  I did find a spot on the dock that was just big enough for me, and got tied up.
View from Shoal Bay dock 
The Shoal Bay pub
A guy named Mark and his wife run the place and it’s a neat stop.  They’ve got showers, laundry (which I desperately needed), and a small pub.  Hiking trails and a huge lawn offer either exercise or relaxation.

I spent the afternoon doing laundry and reading, then headed to the pub with some other boaters after dinner.  A crew from a nearby logging camp had come over for the evening and provided plenty of entertainment for everyone else.  They were a friendly, if a bit rowdy bunch.

A young German couple were working at Shoal Bay for a few weeks.  I chatted with them for a while, compared notes on traveling in various areas, and learned about a website called  Apparently it pairs potential employees and employers for short term, working vacations.  I’ll have to check it out in more detail when I get home…

51.4 nm today and 2,992.4 total

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