Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 94-Shoal Bay to Octopus Islands

Today I’m heading back into Desolation Sound.  I’ve kind of lost track of time over the last month, and had forgotten that this weekend is a holiday weekend, meaning larger than normal crowds.  Since Desolation Sound is still relatively accessible from Vancouver and Seattle, it’s bound to be crowded.  Oh well.

To get to Desolation Sound I needed to run through several reversing rapids near slack water.  I ended up leaving a bit early, but I had no problem pushing through about 4 knots of current.  It was weird seeing some of the big fishing lodges along the way, which are probably the biggest structures I’ve seen since leaving Prince Rupert.
Big fishing resort.  Also notice the turbulent waters because of the current.
I had never been to the Octopus Islands, and since the timing worked out to get there (you have to run through Hole in the Wall, another reversing rapid) I decided to make that my destination.  I was amazed when I got in…the anchorage was full of boats!  I poked around a bit and found a spot that was suitable, dropped the hook, and explored by kayak.
Octopus Islands
Cruising alone in Desolation Sound presents some challenges.  Because of the relatively crowded anchorages, it is customary in many places to drop the anchor, back up towards shore, and then tie a line to a tree.  I find the process cumbersome with two people, and with just me it’s pretty difficult, especially if the wind is blowing at all.  So I’ve just made it a point to find anchorages that don’t require stern ties.

The Octopus Islands are great for kayaking/dinghying.  Lots of nooks to explore, interesting rock formations, and clear water.  Oh, and I didn’t notice many bugs.  It’s a nice stop.

18.9 nm today and 3,011.3 total

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