Friday, August 26, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 103 | Pender Harbour

Chore day. I cleaned all the sea strainers, replaced the zincs in the main engine cooling system, filled the batteries with water, and adjusted the AirSep crankcase vent system to (hopefully) eliminate a minor oil leak. Then we did three loads of laundry. Then we washed the outside of the hadn't had a good wash in months. Not much fun, but good to get this stuff done!

We haven't been near a restaurant for several weeks. After all the work today, we dinghied over to Madeira Park and walked up (and I do mean's quite a hill) to the new Grasshopper Pub for dinner. The food was good, the view was great, and no dishes!
View from dinner at the Grasshopper Pub

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