Friday, August 12, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 86 | Red Bluff Bay to Rocky Pass

We woke up to another beautiful day. Blue sky with wispy clouds on the mountains around Red Bluff. I hadn’t flown the drone yesterday, so I flew it this morning.
Aerial in Red Bluff Bay
Looking towards the head of Red Bluff Bay, boat at the bottom of the photo
Today we’re heading through Rocky Pass. Taking Rocky Pass instead of Wrangell Narrows saves us a bunch of miles. Rocky Pass sounds intimidating, but it’s really not bad. Just get to the middle (The Summit and Devil’s Elbow) around high water. The whole route is well charted and well marked.
Leaving Red Bluff Bay
Mountains on Baranof Island
Chatham Strait was nice and calm and we had an easy trip across. We were running well ahead of schedule, so I throttled back to 1000 rpms and we cruised slowly through the islands to the north of Rocky Pass. Even going slowly, we arrived at The Summit over an hour before high water. We went through anyway. Plenty of depth and only a few knots of current. Devil’s Elbow was easy too, although a few of the nav aids were missing.
A typical scene in Rocky Pass
Just a few miles after Devils Elbow we pulled off to the side of Rocky Pass and dropped the hook. One of the nice things about boating in shallow, protected water is there are anchorages everywhere!
Anchorage for the night, looking south
Beautiful evening!
52.81 nm today
2364.05 nm total

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