Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 78 | Reid Inlet to Shag Cove

Another sunny day! We hung out in Reid Inlet for most of the morning, enjoying the sunshine (outdoor breakfast!) and scenery.
Heading south in Glacier Bay
Still sunny!
Huge mountain 
We knew we wanted to head towards Elfin Cove. Going all the way from Reid Inlet was too far, so we started looking for anchorages along the way. Shag Cove, in Geikie Inlet sounded promising.

We weren’t disappointed. Shag Cove was indeed beautiful, with steep mountains rising all around. And bears! So many bears! All black bears, and all pretty skittish, but fun to watch nonetheless.
Anchored in Geikie Inlet
Some of the group taking a closer look at a bear 
I’d hoped to take the dinghy on a tour of Geikie Inlet, but when I launched the dinghy and got in I got a strong whiff of unburned gasoline. Upon further investigation I discovered the fitting that connects the fuel line to the engine is broken. No amount of pounding, cursing at, cleaning, etc. made it work, so no motorized dinghy until I can get a replacement.

24.66 nm today
2080.28 nm total

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