Friday, August 12, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 88 | Thorne Bay to Ketchikan

Back to Ketchikan today. Clarence Strait was calm, a welcome departure from yesterday’s bumpy ride. We were even treated to a pod of orcas!
Orcas and commercial Alaska
Seiners at work
We fueled up in Ketchikan for the first time since Juneau. Diesel for the main engine, generator, and furnace; propane for the galley; gas for the dinghy. Total distance on this tank was 841.02 nautical miles in 121.18 hours and 252.09 gallons of diesel. Next fill-up will be somewhere in Puget Sound…

After fueling we moored at Thomas Basin and got started on chores. Laundry, grocery shopping, etc. Tip: the laundry service near Thomas Basin (“The Mat”) is not self-serve. They’ll wash-and-fold for $1.75 per pound, but they need a full day to do it. Given the price of cab fare to the Highliner Laundromat near Bar Harbor and how expensive their machines are, The Mat seems like a decent deal.

I’d planned on heading to Foggy Bay tomorrow, but a C-Dory-turned-Nordic Tug friend is in town and invited us to tour the Vigor Shipyard, which is currently building new ferries for the Alaska Marine Highway system, so I think we’ll do that instead!

37.05 nm today
2479.58 nm total

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