Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 97 | Codville Lagoon

We’d planned on heading south to Pruth Bay today, but got sidetracked at Codville and ended up spending another night.
Aerial of Codville Lagoon, looking towards Fitz Hugh Sound
Last night, John and Darlene on Ocean Osprey, one of the neighboring boats, offered us fresh-caught salmon. They’d filled all their freezers, and although I don’t like seafood, Anna gladly accepted their extra fish. We ended up having a few drinks with them and chatting for awhile.

This morning we decided to hike back up to the lake before leaving and offered to give John and Darlene a ride in. John was heading out in his skiff to pull his prawn traps, and Anna jumped at the chance to join him and see what prawning is all about.
Back to the lake
They caught a few hundred shrimp and prawns, and after they returned we all hiked up to the lake together. John and Darlene invited us for dinner (fresh prawns and salmon), thus the additional night at Codville Lagoon.

Today was hot—the highest temp I saw was 83, plenty warm for a dip in the saltwater.
Warm enough for me to jump off the top of the boat 

Tomorrow we’ll actually head towards Pruth…

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