Sunday, August 21, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 98 | Codville Lagoon to Pruth Bay

We left pretty early this morning, before we could get distracted by fishing or hiking or whatever. Fitz Hugh Sound was nice and calm, but as we neared Hakai Pass fog rolled in and cut visibility down to just a few hundred yards. Navigating Hakai Pass required careful radar use since small fishing boats were zooming all over the place, presumably looking at their chartplotters but oblivious to other boats.
Into the fog
Pruth Bay is a perfect anchorage. It’s scenic, reasonably shallow (50 feet), well protected, and has excellent holding. Ashore, the Hakai Institute maintains trails to several ocean beaches (and they provide WiFi, now with a 300 mb daily limit).

We hiked fist to West Beach. The trail is flat and easy—even the non-boardwalk sections weren’t muddy this time of year—and the reward is a truly outstanding beach. Maybe a half-mile long, gentle grade, soft sand, few people. The weather was warm and sunny today, and it felt a bit tropical.
West Beach panorama
Perfect day for the beach
We walked north on the beach, then continued on the trail to North Beach. Historically this trail was pretty rough, with steep, muddy sections. Either BC Parks or Hakai improved the trail. Now, boardwalks span most of the muddy sections and stairs make the steep sections easy. I had no problem doing the walk in flip-flops. North Beach is similar to West Beach, just less visited.
Trail to North Beach
North Beach panorama
Back at the boat I poured over weather information. Tomorrow looks like the best day in the foreseeable future for rounding Cape Caution. Not ideal, with 1-2 meter seas and 15-25 knots of northwest wind, but acceptable (meaning safe). Given that we otherwise might be waiting for five days or more, we’ll probably head around tomorrow.

28.69 nm today
2838.9 nm total

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