Sunday, August 14, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 92 | Lowe Inlet to Bishop Bay

Bishop Bay Hot Springs were the very first hot springs I visited on the coast, and they’re still one of my favorites. We skipped Bishop Bay on the trip north this year—we needed to hit a weather window at Dixon Entrance and the group was too big—so I made it a point to visit on the way south.

The trip to Bishop Bay is particularly scenic. Both Verney Passage and Ursula Channel are stunning, with huge rock walls rising from the ocean. Glacier carved alpine bowls abound.
Scenery along Verney Passage
We arrived at Bishop Bay mid-afternoon and it was surprisingly empty. One sailboat on one of a mooring buoy (there are currently three buoys), a group of canoeists camped ashore, and a barge. The barge is notable since it carried—and its crew installed—the replacement ramp connecting the dock to shore. For the last couple years, the dock was really just a float, the old ramp having mysteriously disappeared. At long last, BC Parks installed a new ramp, and dinghiless boaters once again have easy access to the hot springs.
New ramp being installed at Bishop Bay
As soon as we tied to a buoy we headed for a soak. The soaking tubs are concrete, covered by a roof. While this might sound “built up,” it doesn’t feel that way. Over the years boaters have hung homemade signs with their boat name and year of visit. They’ve added handholds and rocks to use as seats. The water temperature is warm but not hot, just right for hours of soaking. And the best part: a PVC pipe juts out of one wall, shooting fresh, hot water into the tub just over head height. It’s a perfect shower.
The bath house

Throughout our soak more boat showed up. A couple of 20-something foot aluminum boats, a sailboat, another trawler. By the time we finished, our bodies resembled prunes and the bay was full.
Aerial of Bishop Bay
Tomorrow we’ll head for Butedale.

44.07 nm today
2665.41 nm total

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