Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 95 | Kynoch Inlet to Kynumpt Harbour

Another day with no set destination. Part of the problem is the weather…
Cloudy in the morning
Here’s the deal: we’re trying to get back to Seattle by September 3rd. The next area where weather matters is Cape Caution. The current forecast is for relatively calm conditions today, then 25-40 knots for the foreseeable future. Rather than rush ahead, we’re going to slow down and enjoy the Central Coast. No reason to rush only to wait later…

Ideally we’d go around Cape Caution in a couple of days, then see the Broughtons and Desolation Sound. It looks like we may spend three or four extra days on the Central Coast. If that’s the case, we may have to skip the Broughtons entirely…a bummer, but the weather rules.

The upside of this weather is sunshine. By afternoon, the sun was shining brightly, and it looks like we’ll have warm, sunny conditions for many days to come.
Sunny by the afternoon
Today we moseyed south. Originally I planned on anchoring for the night in Berry Inlet, but Seaforth Channel was windy and rough. Although the forecast was for northwest winds, the wind was actually blowing from the southwest, right up Berry Inlet. Rather than risking a rough night, we continued an hour further to Kynumpt Harbour. The upside of this is cell service: with the booster I’m getting reliable Telus 3G or LTE!
Anchored in Kynumpt Harbour
Happy hour on the beach
Cell service is worth a brief diversion…

Roaming has, historically, been expensive (I use Verizon), somewhere on the order of $3 per megabyte for data, or 100 megabytes for $25. Cheap enough that I’d use it sparingly for email and weather, but not much more. If I was in Canada long enough, I’d pick up a Telus SIM card, but this had its own problems: I wasn’t reachable through my normal phone number, I had to physically find a Telus store, and it was still about $30 per gigabyte.

Over the winter Verizon began offering “Travel Pass.” For $2 per day of use, you can use your phone just like you use at home. It’s awesome.

51.53 nm today
2789.77 nm total

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