Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 94 | Butedale to Kynoch Inlet

We walked around Butedale a bit in the morning then headed off, destination unknown. We debated between Windy Bay and Rescue Bay…

Ultimately we chose Windy Bay, but as we approached, I realized it wasn’t that much further to the head of Kynoch Inlet. There’s not enough room for a flotilla of boats to anchor up there (that’s why I didn’t go up there on the way north), but there’s plenty of space for a boat or three.

Kynoch Inlet is a classic fjord, and part of Fiordland Recreation Area. The scenery is stunning: rock walls, glacial bowls, snowcapped peaks, waterfalls everywhere. The weather wasn’t ideal, but it wasn’t terrible—overcast and no visibility over a thousand feet or so. No rain, though.
Scenery in Kynoch Inlet
Every turn brings new (beautiful) views
We anchored at the head of the inlet, all alone. Like many anchorages in this type of setting, the bottom is steep, going from too deep to too shallow very quickly. I dropped 250 feet of anchor chain in about 110 feet of water and backed towards shore. The boat stopped in 80 feet of water, just a few boat lengths from shore.

From the head of Kynoch Inlet we explored Culpepper Lagoon by dinghy. The entrance was surprisingly deep and free of hazards—at low tide I didn’t see anything less than 14 feet on the sounder. I later flew the drone over the entrance looking for rocks and didn’t find any mid-channel. In the future, I’d happily take the boat through near slack water.
Looking into Culpepper Lagoon
Looking down on the entrance to Culpepper Lagoon
Landslide evidence in Culpepper Lagoon
Later in the evening the weather cleared a bit and we got a peak at the mountains around the anchorage…gorgeous!
Big mountains!
Last light
50.61 nm today
2738.24 nm total

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