Thursday, August 11, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 81 | Pelican to Baker Cove

The outside of Chichagof Island is supposed to be great cruising. Getting to-and-from the outside requires short jaunts in the Gulf of Alaska, but between these open ocean sections are many miles of protected cruising.

We didn’t leave Pelican until late morning…breakfast out at the Lisianski CafĂ©, then some boat chores. By the time we got underway it was raining steadily. Clouds hung low and the wind was light.
Looking south into Stag Bay
The water was calm for the first several hours until we poked out of Lisianski Strait into the Gulf of Alaska. Conditions weren’t rough, but the boats were moving…maybe a three-foot ground swell with a foot or two of chop on top. Definitely not what you see on the Deadliest Catch!
Airship rolling in the swells
We only had about nine miles in open water. I really wanted to visit White Sulphur Hot Springs, but the stars didn’t align this trip. We’d have to enter and exit on a high tide, and we’d need two days of good weather—the day we arrive (today) and the day we depart (tomorrow). We could get in easily enough this afternoon, but getting out tomorrow afternoon looks marginal. That, and a basically uncharted and very technical looking entrance, made the decision to continue easy.

We re-entered protected water through Imperial Pass. The entire coastline here reminds me of the west side of Vancouver Island. Storm lashed trees, surf-pounded rocks, low-lying vegetation. Pretty, and very different than the more mountainous areas I’ve been cruising all summer.

We anchored for the night in Baker Cove. Anna, Laura, Tiffani, and I took the dinghy exploring in Dry Pass. We were midway through the tide cycle and had to carefully pick through the uncharted rock piles in the dinghy. No way I’d take a bigger boat through.
Aerial from Baker Cove looking south
Airship rafted to Safe Harbour 
Tomorrow we’ll head south to Klag Bay.

30.01 nm today
2171.58 nm total

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