Thursday, August 11, 2016

Alaska 2016 | Day 83 | Klag Bay to Kalinin Bay

Radioville. We kept hearing about it. Bill Pierre (yeah, the guy who started Bill Pierre Ford) told us about it in Pelican. The Douglass guide mentions it but doesn’t give a location. Kayley on ActiveCaptain mentions it too, but similarly doesn’t provide a location (Kayley’s reviews are really just copied info from Douglass). The Evergreen Pacific Exploring Alaska & British Columbia chartbook has Radioville marked, though, so we used it as our guide.

The story is that a retired signal corps sergeant named Joe Bauer once lived here and operated a radio station in the first half of the 20th century. He relayed messages to and from the mine. He was quite a drinker, apparently, and we were told the beach was covered in glass of all colors from the bottles he consumed. Yes, there was some glass, but not nearly as much as we were led to believe.

Other than the glass there was a collapsing cabin filled with old junk. Magazines, newspapers, plastic garbage, cans, bottles…and the creepiest part.—four or five damp, mildewy dolls.
Half the Radioville building is collapsing
The other half is filled with random junk
From Radioville we headed out Rough Channel into the Gulf of Alaska. The wind was calm and the seas glassy. A two or three foot groundswell kept the boat moving up and down, but it wasn’t uncomfortable.
Calm water, big mountain
Leaving the west side of Chichagof Island after only a few days is a bummer. There’s so much to see out here, but we’ve got a lot of distance to cover in the next month.

The highlight of the trip down to Kalinin Bay was almost running over a humpback that surfaced just in front of the boat. I quickly pulled the throttle back to neutral and we drifted for several minutes as the whale moved out of the way.
The whale swimming away 
Kalinin Bay was busy! We’ve been anchoring alone for the last few days, and suddenly we were surrounded by six or seven other boats. I guess we’re back on the inside…

28.47 nm today
2218.55 nm total

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