Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 85-Namu to Pruth Bay

I woke up this morning and used the break from the rain to walk around a bit more.  Many of the areas are blocked off because of wood that has rotted dangerously thin, but it’s still fun to look inside the buildings and see the stuff that BC Packers left 50 years ago.

I had a quick breakfast on the dock and then headed out for Pruth Bay.  Conditions were flat calm in Fitz Hugh Sound and I spotted quite a few humpbacks, though non were particularly close.  Given the settled conditions, I opted to head out Hakai Pass to get to Pruth Bay.  Hakai Pass is exposed to the open ocean swells that roll in from thousands of miles away, but without any waves on top and with plenty of space between each wave, the 3-4 footers were no problem. 

Pruth Bay itself is a good anchorage with a flat bottom, 40-50 foot depths, and seemingly good holding.  On shore, the Hakai Institute owns several hundred acres that are perfectly maintained.  They have a nice float for visiting dinghies, free wifi, and walking trails leading to the sandy beaches on the ocean side.  It’s definitely a pleasant stop.
Beautiful West Beach 
Sunny in the afternoon and evening!
Thanks for the internet!
It’s looking like Sunday or Monday will be a good time to round Cape Caution, then I’ll spend a couple of weeks messing around the Broughtons and Desolation Sound before returning home.

16.6 nm today and 2,790.4 total

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  1. Hello! I'm reading your blogs in anticipation of my own voyage North, and can't find Days 86&87. Where did you anchor on those nights?