Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 63-Baidarka Anchorage to Merrifield Bay

No rush to get rolling today since I want to transit Devil’s Elbow near high water slack.  Unfortunately the rain has returned with a vengeance.  No kayaking this morning.

Around 1:00 I pulled anchor and headed out.  The windlass is sort of acting up…the nylon line (1/2” 8-plait) has a tendency to either double up and then jam the gypsy or the gypsy just can’t get a grip.  The chain portion works perfectly.  My hunch is that the problem lies in having too much rode stuffed in the locker and there isn’t adequate free fall, but it’s not consistent.

Anyway, another cruising boat (~55’ Tolly) came in as we were leaving.  They were just waiting for slack at Devil’s Elbow and then continuing on.

Devil’s Elbow was no problem.  I did talk with a boat traveling in the opposite direction on the radio to avoid passing in the narrowest part. 
Devil's Elbow
Rocky Pass is a gorgeous area.  It’s not spectacular in the way that fjords are, with their massive cliffs and snowcapped peaks.  It’s much more intricate.  The whole place seems virtually untouched, and you can anchor almost anywhere.   Besides the hour surrounding high slack water, nobody seems to go through.  It’s definitely more interesting than Wrangell Narrows.

After Devil’s Elbow we continued at displacement speed through the rest of Rocky Pass.  As we exited we were hit with a two knot current right on the bow.  I couldn’t tolerate 3 knots SOG so I bumped up the throttle and we cruised over to Merrifield Bay in mostly calm conditions.  Surprisingly, there was a (very slippery) floating dock in the harbor and we tied up.

The rain continued through most of the evening but there were some breaks.  Peter took the kayak for a spin, but other than that the weather wasn’t too conducive to being outside.

No other boat with us tonight, just like every other night since Petersburg.

25.7nm today and 2,277.1 total

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