Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 76-Hartley Bay to Bishop Bay

My first order of business today was sorting out the engine “problem.”  I used the wifi from the boat I made space for on the dock to make a skype call to the Honda shop in Ketchikan who said to not worry about the water coming out from around the oil drain plug.  Apparently it’s normal...I hope he’s right.

I waited around in Hartley Bay until mid morning but hadn’t heard back from Les and decided that the engine was likely just fine.  So I filled up the water tank and headed for Bishop Bay.

I enjoyed another beautiful day of weather.  Perfectly sunny, warm, and only a bit windy for the first couple of miles out of Hartley Bay.  I passed quite a few boats fishing as well as a Canadian Coast Guard and RCMP boat, but traffic was pretty light overall.

When I arrived at Bishop Bay I grabbed the last spot on the dock and headed up for a soak.  A group of friends on three boats was already there and they were a friendly group.  After returning from the soak they invited me out for some halibut fishing.  I’m not a fisherman, but I decided to tag along to see how it was done.  We drifted over a shoal a few times and got one halibut to the surface but it got away before it could be netted.

When we returned several more boats had arrived.  The boat we were out fishing on no longer had a spot on the dock, so they rafter onto my boat.  Dinner and drinks were enjoyed on the dock well into the evening.

26.0 nm today and 2,612.4 total

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