Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 81-Rescue Bay to Oliver Cove

After a relaxed morning and breakfast, I left Rescue Bay bound for Oliver Cove, just 15 nm away.  I enjoyed a boost from the current for the first half, then got slowed down the second half.  Oh well.

The water conditions were perfectly glassy much of the way, disturbed only by the masses of floating kelp and logs.  Cloud cover was significant, but the sun attempted to poke through a few times.
Perfect water conditions
Gray but gorgeous
I dropped the hook by 12:45 and set about trying to figure out where the water around the drain plug was coming from.  I don’t like uncertainty about mechanical issues, and despite the Ketchikan mechanics insistence that this condition is normal, I want to be sure.  I’ll be in Shearwater tomorrow, and they can always pull the lower unit and fix a problem if there is one.

I ended up removing the lower cowling and found two holes about 4 inches above the oil drain outlet where the water poured out.  Perhaps this info will be useful to EQ.  I’ll check with them tomorrow and hope that there is indeed no problem.

A sailboat pulled in just as I was finishing up.  I took a paddle around the cove and then returned to the boat.  Ginger from the other boat then paddled over and said she’d heard about me from the guys in the 23-footer from Utah.  Ginger and her husband Steve had also been cruising in Alaska and invited me over for dinner.  They’re already planning on spending next summer in Alaska and are leaving the boat in Sointula for the winter while they return home to San Francisco.  Lucky them…I’d love to spend another summer up north!

I’ll head to Shearwater tomorrow to get fuel, shower, buy some produce, get caught up online, and probably change the engine oil.  I’ve already run 60 hours since Ketchikan and will run just about 100 more.  Since Shearwater has a place to dispose of used oil it’s a good place for an oil change and should be the last one needed for the trip.

15.5 nm today and 2,721.5 total

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