Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 84-Codville Lagoon to Namu

Having seen most of Codville Lagoon yesterday I was underway for Namu reasonably early in the morning.  Namu, like Butedale, is an old cannery that is rapidly falling apart.

The trip to Namu was straightforward, but the 15 knots of southerly wind did make it a bit bouncier than I would have liked.

Unlike Butdeale, Namu was rebuilt in the 1960’s because of a fire (Butedale dates back to the late 1800’s).  As such, it’s in much better condition than Butedale is.  Pete, Rene, and Theresa take care of the place and have made quite a few improvements for boaters.  Perhaps the most welcome is a big shelter on the dock with a fire pit for heating and cooking.  Most of the boaters hang out in this, eating, drinking, and chatting throughout the evening.

The docks were rather busy when I was there.  Another C-Dory and several Bayliners represented the smaller boats, and there were several boats in the 35-50 foot range.

14.0 nm today and 2,773.8 total

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