Saturday, August 11, 2012

Day 70-Ketchikan

I woke up around 7:00 to start making calls and figuring out where to get the parts needed.  Lewmar US was my first call, and they said nobody in Alaska would have the part but Fisheries Supply would be my best bet.  I called Fisheries and they didn’t have the part in their catalog, but Judith happily set up an account for me, got the part entered into their system, and arranged to have it sent to Ketchikan via express mail.  I should have it Saturday.  Actually I ordered two, just in case the new one fails too.

If you need parts in Alaska, talk to Fisheries.  They understand the challenges and options available.  Judith might have been the most helpful customer service rep I’ve ever dealt with.

After sorting that issue out I talked with Tim and Timber and Marine, the local Honda dealer.  He got me hauled out around 10 and back in the water just after noon.  Much better service than the shop in Sitka.  Now I’ve got fresh engine oil, gear oil, and a new impeller.  I hadn’t had any issues with the cooling system, but I was worried that after 715 hours on the original impeller it could fail at any time.  Having the new impeller gives me some peace of mind.  If you need Honda service in Ketchikan, I highly recommend Timber and Marine.

While Timber and Marine was working on the boat I went grocery shopping with the goal of buying all the non-perishable food I need for the next 5 weeks or so.  Hopefully I succeeded.

After getting the boat in the water I swung by the fuel dock and topped off all the tanks and jerry cans.  47 gallons total.  I’ll refuel again in Rupert and then should be good for a while since I’ll be cruising slowly.

1.2 nm today and 2,421.9 today

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