Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 67-Madan Bay to Berg Bay

With only 8 nautical miles to go today, I was in no rush to leave.  I woke up around 8:30 and headed out promptly to avoid the couple knots of current on the nose I’d have later in the day.

Conditions were foggy at first.  800 yards of visibility foggy.  Radar is really nice to have in these kinds of conditions, especially since fast jet boats cruise through the area at 30 knots taking people from Wrangell down to Anan for day trips.

Soon after arriving at Berg Bay, however, the sun came out.  Berg Bay is a spectacular anchorage.  Actually, I tied up to the USFS float (it says for cabin users only, but there were no cabin users) since my windlass is not working properly.  Something to figure out in Ketchikan.
Great views
And more great views
The cabin at the head of Berg Bay is probably the nicest I have seen yet.  It’d be a lovely place for kayakers or boaters who don’t have inside sleeping arrangements.  Reading through the guestbook I saw Bill and El from Halcyon, perhaps the best travelled C-Dory in existence, had been here a number of years ago.

I took a short walk along a boardwalk and thought about a longer hike, but it was just too hot!  The longer trail looked like it required rubber boots, and that just wouldn’t be comfortable for 8 miles in 70+ degree weather.  A good problem to have!
Nice boardwalk through the woods
The end of the trail
So I went back to the boat and lounged on the USFS float for the afternoon.  Aside from a few bees, it was perfect.

No other boats pulled in and I had the place all to myself, just like every other anchorage for the last 8 days or so.  Maybe most other boats have already started south?

7.3 nm today and 2,343.8 total

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