Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 65-St. John Harbor to Wrangell

Peter and mom fly out today on the evening flight from Wrangell, so we’re heading there.  I was beginning to think the sun may no longer exist, but it emerged from the clouds this morning!  Just in time for Peter and mom to leave.

I feel a bit badly that we didn’t get better weather.  Of course, I can’t do a thing about the weather, but it’s unfortunate that they didn’t get to see more scenery or do much exploring.
Fog, getting ready to break
The trip into Wrangell was easy.  I got gas on the way in and the settled into the dock.  It’s good to get electricity so I can dry the boat out.  Everything’s wet.

After Peter and mom left I picked up a few groceries and took a shower.  Then I paddled across the harbor (about 100 yards) to the Nordhavn 60 Daybreak that I had met in Sitka.  Jerome and Karen were enjoying the sun in the cockpit and invited me on for a drink.  The drink turned into more drinks and lots of conversation and then dinner.  Really nice people and I may run into them further south.

Tomorrow I’ll start heading for Ketchikan with only a loose itinerary.  No more guests for the summer, so it’s just me and the boat.  My loose plan is to be in Ketchikan around Tuesday, pull the boat out of the water for oil changes (top and bottom), a new impeller (700 hours on this one, and the glacial silt can’t be good for it), and anything else that needs to be done.  I don’t want to get stranded in Canada!

After the work is done I’ll wait for a good weather window and head across Dixon Entrance into BC.  Then I’ll take 2-3 weeks to get south to Vancouver Island, spend a week or so in the Broughton’s and Desolation Sound, then be back in Anacortes mid September.

More updates from Ketchikan, then things might get spotty in Canada due to pricey and spotty cell phone coverage.

21.0 nm today and 2,322.5 total

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