Sunday, August 5, 2012

Day 64-Merrifield Bay to St. John Harbor

After getting clobbered by the current yesterday in Sumner Strait I was intent on timing our trip better today.  So we left about 8 AM, hoping to ride the flood.  The first five miles were slow, but after that my plan worked.  At an RPM setting that normally afford 5 knots, I regularly saw speeds in the 7-knot range, sometimes in the 8’s.  Free fuel!

Conditions were a bit lumpy, but not bad.  Oh, and it was alternately thick fog or heavy rain.  Not much visibility.  Radar has sure been useful this last week, and I’m sure it will continue to be used regularly heading south during the month of ‘Fogust.’
Not much else to report on the trip to St. John Harbor.  When I arrived the big, very old fishing trawler that had been here on my prior visits was gone.  Nobody else was at the dock, either.  We got tied up and hung out on the boat, since the rain was pouring down.

Mid afternoon a State Trooper showed up in a fancy looking SAFE boat.  He came over and started asking a few questions.  It took him a minute to wrap his head around bringing this little boat up from Seattle.  Then he asked, “So you’re just up here doing a lot of fishing, then?”  I told him I wasn’t, and that I didn’t like fish or have any fishing gear aboard.  After a confused moment he seemed satisfied and took down my name and the registration number on the boat and left.  

The rain did break briefly in the afternoon.  I stretched my legs on the logging roads and saw a few deer, but not much else.  Unlike my last visits here, there are no other boats in St. John Harbor.

24.4 nm today and 2,301.5 total

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