Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 78-Butedale to Windy Bay

Once of the nice things about the lack of schedule on this southbound trip is there’s no need to set alarms or wake up early.  I wake up when I wake up, leave when I want to, and still arrive in plenty of time.

After breakfast today I walked around Butedale a bit and got a complete tour of the place from Lou.  Then I got underway around 11 heading down to Windy Bay to be well positioned for exploring Fiordland.

With another day of wonderful weather the trip was easy.  The only hiccup was the autopilot was not holding a steady course.  I fiddled with the settings and eventually got it sorted out, but I don’t know why it suddenly stopped working as well as it had.
Scenery near Hiekish Narrows
Windy Bay
Light boat traffic again today and only one other boat in Windy Bay, a 42 Grand Banks from Seattle.  Windy Bay itself is gorgeous, with high bluffs rising from the water yet reasonable anchoring depths in one of the corners.

32.9 nm today and 2,667.9 total

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