Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 73-Prince Rupert to Kumealon Island Cove

Before leaving Prince Rupert today I need to fill up fuel and buy some apples at the grocery store.  With only about 30 nm to go, I’m not in any rush.  I like this schedule already!

I wandered up to the Safeway soon after waking up, then came back to the boat and ate breakfast, then headed over to the fuel dock and filled up.  Then I was off for Kumealon Island Cove in Grenville Channel.

The water wasn’t as calm as yesterday evening, but it wasn’t bad.  A bit rolly near the entrance to Prince Rupert Harbour.  Then a 15 knot north wind in Grenville Channel created a short and steep following sea.  The autopilot worked hard, but kept the boat more or less on course.

With cloudy weather today I couldn’t see a whole lot.  It didn’t rain much, but it wasn’t conducive to photography or viewing of landscapes.

Kumealon Island Cove is a decent anchorage.  Not terrible scenic, but strategically located and adequate holding.  I wanted to go for a kayak ride, but it was still blowing 15 knots or so in the anchorage, which would result in a wet kayak ride.  Oh well, I’ll have plenty more opportunities.
Watching traffic pass in Grenville Channel from Kumealon Island Cove
32.7 nm today and 2,537.3 total

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