Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 66-Wrangell to Madan Bay

Today was supposed to be sunny (according to the weather app on my phone) but it dawned dreary.  I ran a few errands and got ready to head out for a few days.  Originally I intended to head south to Frosty Bay, then to Meyers Chuck, then to Ketchikan. 

Mid morning, however, I got an email from mom saying Anan Bear Observatory had spots available on Tuesday.  Then I got an email from Hans (from Mellow Moments) saying that Anan was worth seeing.

With newfound freedom thanks to not having a schedule, I snapped up the spot at Anan and made plans to head in that direction.  Madan Bay looked like an easy, short cruise away and it would then be another easy day to Berg Bay tomorrow.

In order to take advantage of favorable currents I left Wrangell around noon.  The currents didn’t disappoint, and I was gaining 1-2 knots for free!  I cruised over slowly to save fuel and enjoy the scenery (what scenery I could see through the fog).  Water conditions were flat calm, which was nice.

When I arrived in Madan Bay a guy in a small aluminum skiff was on the beach with a chainsaw cutting up wood and putting it in his boat.  Other than that the place was deserted and wonderfully calm.  Lush hills rose around the bay.  After the guy with the chainsaw was shut down, the only noise was a slight burble from a nearby creek.
One view from the Madan Bay anchorage
Calm water 
And the view in another direction
I did some kayaking around the bay and lots of reading.  A very relaxing place and a nice anchorage.  Lots of eagles, seals, and jumping salmon, and even a harbor porpoise for some of the evening.

14.4 nm today and 2,336.5 total

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