Saturday, August 25, 2012

Day 83-Shearwater to Codville Lagoon

After breakfast and a bit of grocery shopping I made my way over to the fuel dock.  My timing was poor, and as soon as I got there the rain poured down.  15 minutes later as I left, the rain stopped.

I headed out Gunboat Pass, a narrow, winding passage that brought me to Fitz Hugh Sound.  The wind was blowing from the south at about 15 knots making for bumpy seas for a bit, but they calmed down nicely.  The current, however, was right on the bow, costing me a knot of speed.
Shoreline along Fitz Hugh Sound
Codville Lagoon is a neat spot.  The narrow entry is easy to miss, but it’s plenty deep and the lagoon offers lots of space for anchoring.  Amazingly, I even got 1 bar of Telus 3G service inside.

The highlight of Codville Lagoon, however, is the walk up to a beautiful lake.  The walk isn’t too long and it’s quite easy overall, though there are some steep, muddy sections.  Rubber boots are the right footwear.  The lake has a gorgeous sandy beach that stretches a long way around.  It was fun to walk along it looking at all the animal tracks.  Lots of dear and what must have been wolf tracks.  The lake would be awesome for swimming if the sun were shining.
The trail to the lake is sometimes a boardwalk
And sometimes a scramble up roots
Sandy beach at the lake
After the walk to the lake I paddled around the lagoon a bit, then returned to the boat to read and nap.  A nice, relaxing afternoon and evening.

19.0 nm today and 2,759.8 total

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