Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 24: Walters Cove

Today was too windy to head offshore, so I stayed in Walters Cove most of the day. I wandered around, found an 800-year-old cedar tree, and caught up on internet things at the Kyuquot Inn.

In the afternoon I headed out to Spring Island, where West Coast Expeditions has a kayak camp set up. They’d been in using the internet at the Inn as well and invited me out for a tour. They’ve got a nice setup, much nicer than camping, and they maintain trails all over the island. I explored the island and then headed back to Walters Cove in time for dinner at the Inn.
The Uchuck III at the Walters Cove dock
The Uchuck III, an old minesweeper converted for use as a coastal freighter, stops each Thursday at Walters Cove. It brings supplies and tourists from Gold River. About 25 tourists were on the boat, and they all ate dinner at the Kyuquot Inn. Eric, the owner of the Inn, had invited me to join the group for dinner. I was surprised at how international the crowd was…Germans, Americans, Canadians, I think a few Brits…

Tomorrow morning the weather looks good to head south.

6.5 nm today
602.2 nm total

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