Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 34: Hot Spring Cove to Bacchante Bay

I enjoyed another peaceful morning at the hot springs, and again left as the crowds arrived. The morning was foggy, but I got underway anyway and the fog quickly lifted.

Bacchante Bay, today’s destination, is described as one of the most dramatic anchorages on the coast. I cruised over at displacement speed, arriving early in the afternoon.

The bay is indeed beautiful, with cliffs and steep, treed hillside climbing a thousand feet above. Kayaking is good, and a large, shoal area at the head of the bay provides good exploring. No other boats in here today.
Bacchante Bay when the clouds moved back in
Because of the surrounding cliffs, the sun gets blocked early in the evening. This is actually a good thing, since I’m looking a little pink from too much time in the sun yesterday.

For the first time this trip (and only the second time ever) the anchor didn’t set the first time I tried. With 4:1 scope and only 1300 rpm on the tach, I dragged steadily at close to two knots. I pulled the anchor, expecting to see it covered in weeds, but it was clean. So I moved out a little further, dropped the anchor again, and backed down. 1500 rpm, 1800 rpm, 2200 rpm…I let it sit at 2200 rpm for a few minutes and didn’t move an inch. Yeah, the anchor is set.
When I pulled the anchor the next morning, I brought the bottom up
13.6 nm today
752.6 nm total

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