Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day 56: Pinkerton Islands to Turtle Island

Time for mom to head home. We cruised back to Ucluelet and I dropped her off. Then I headed out for Turtle Island. I’d visited Turtle Island once before, but the anchorage was full.

This time I had it all to myself, which was good, since it’s a one, maybe two boat spot. I explored a bit by kayak. It’s a really neat anchorage, almost exposed to the ocean swells. From inside, the swells crashing ashore were audible.
Turtle Island
Then the fog rolled in...
By late afternoon fog started to roll in. By evening I was surrounded. I thought about exploring more by kayak, but was worried that I could quickly become disoriented and lost if a really heavy fog rolled in and obscured the view of Retriever.

A relatively minor boat problem has cropped up, one that seems to happen periodically and then fix itself. The S1000 autopilot has developed a mind of its own. It kind of holds a course, but often veers to starboard when engaging. I’ve tried holding a course for several minutes before engaging the autopilot, but the result is the same. When navigating to a waypoint, cross track errors (the distance the boat is from the intended course) rise to 150-200 feet in one direction, then 150-200 feet in the other. Very sloppy. The hydraulic steering system is full and steering is normal when using the wheel. I’ve tried messing with the settings, a factory reset, and autolearn (always fails…error code 6) to no avail. Sometimes it works great, other times it doesn’t. Weird.

21.8 nm today
1064.6 nm total

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