Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 29: Bodega Cove to Hisnit Inlet

Sunshine again! Today’s destination is Hisnit Inlet, not too far away.

I left Bodega Cove mid-morning for a slow cruise to Hisnit Inlet. The trip went smoothly, and I dropped the anchor in 60 feet of water at the head of Hisnit Inlet; the anchor set brilliantly on 3:1 scope and held perfectly through a windy afternoon.
Beautiful mountain behind Hisnit Bay
After anchoring, I explored an estuary by kayak, then spent the afternoon napping and reading on the boat. A fishing boat came in to pull their crab pots. One of the guys aboard had owned a C-Dory recently, and he stopped by to say chat.

A logging operation was underway high in the hills. I could hear the diesel engines of the equipment, and somewhat enjoyed watching the operation in my binoculars. Logging roads ashore provide many places to walk, although the logging also meant that the forest ashore was a patchwork of clearcuts.
Black bear eating grass
Later in the evening I spotted a lone black bear foraging in the grass. I paddled towards it and got some decent pictures. The bear was right next to the logging road I’d walked on earlier…I’m glad I didn’t have to test the bear spray.

10.6 nm today
681.2 nm total

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