Monday, July 1, 2013

Day 26: Nuchatlitz to Zeballos

After yesterday’s rain, today’s sun was fantastic! Today’s destination was Zeballos, about 16 nm from Nuchatlitz.

The water was calm on the way in, but there are a lot of sport fishing boats. I’m guessing there were 15 right outside of Nuchatlitz, and I saw at least half a dozen more heading out when I was heading in.

The scenery is quite impressive approaching Zeballos, which is situated at the head of a fjord. It’s not Tracy Arm or Princess Louisa, but pretty nonetheless.
Scenery on the way to Zeballos
My first order of business in Zeballos was changing the oil in the outboard. I really hate doing this in the water. Much of the problem is probably the pump I have (a Jabsco from West Marine). When the boat is out of the water, draining the oil is easily accomplished with the oil drain plug. Pull the bolt out and gravity drains the oil from the crankcase.

When in the water, though, this is impossible. Instead, the oil must be pumped out from above. My pump has two problems. First, it leaks all over. None of the connections is secure enough to prevent oil from leaking out. Second, only about an inch of the six-inch stroke actually pumps anything. The rest of the time the pump “fights” whatever pumping action I’m attempting. The end result is a frustrating, messy process that requires a couple of rolls of paper towels to clean up. Thankfully all the oil ends up in the motor well and not the water!
Zeballos is proud of its history
Once the oil was changed and the mess cleaned up, I walked into town. Zeballos doesn’t have a lot going on, but they’re obviously proud of their history. Historical signs throughout town explain what once was here, and the small museum is remarkable well thought out. This was a gold mining town, and there are a lot of gold mining stories.

15.4 nm today
640.8 nm total

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