Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 36: Quait Bay to Tofino

To the city! Tofino is the biggest town on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Getting back in touch with civilization, restocking the boat, and doing a little land exploring will be nice.

When I arrived in Tofino, the recreational docks were full, with many boats rafted together. I rafted off a local boat that wasn’t planning on moving. Just a few boats down, I was dismayed to learn that I’ve now been lapped on this trip. One of the Van Isle 360 sailboats is out here again, on her second trip around the island this summer. The crew is different this time, thought (it’s a charter boat).
View from Tofino
Tofino is a neat town. Kind of like Friday Harbor meets Kauai. Surfing, kayaking, and eco tourism, along with fishing, are the big industries. I’ve heard a lot of languages: Spanish, French, German…tourists come from all over. The area is beautiful, with sandy beaches, a rugged coastline, and soaring mountains in the distance. Lots of art galleries, funky (hipster) coffee shops, outdoor clothing stores, etc.

10.1 nm today
788.1 nm total


  1. Hi Sam,
    I've really enjoyed reading your blog. I love the areas you are describing and can see myself there again in the not so distant future. Recovery is occurring at what seems like a snails pace most of the time. I wish you more safe, fun adventuring in the days ahead. Hope to see you on the water before the 2013 boating season comes to an end. Warmly, Caryn

  2. Hi Sam-
    I wish I was up there with you. I spent 3 rainy days in Bacchante Bay. (Just outside the bay it was sunny, believe it or not.) It was so beautiful, almost prehistoric.

    Visit my friend Mike Mullen at the Mermaids Tale book story on the main drag into town. He is an expert on Clayoquot Sound. He also has an oyster farm up Lemmons Inlet and is a whale watch captain and environmental protector of the Sound.

    Tell him Brad from Bellingham sent you.